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Island Writers' Network
September 14, 2009 -- Minutes

Island Writers’ Network
Monday, September 14, 2009 – Minutes

The Island Writers’ Network met on Monday, Sept. 14, 2009, at the Heritage Library with 21 people in attendance. Present
were James Edward Alexander, Ray Berberian, Len Camarda, Tom Crawford, Lorie Get, Anne Grace, Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill,
Heyward Inabinett, Norm Levy, Marilyn Lorenz, Sansing McPherson, Shanti North, Sharon Rice, Greg Smorol, Charlie Thorn,
Norma Van Amberg; and new members John Bickers, Bénédicte Braden, Jim Pyne, and Melody Steinberg.

Moderator Lorie Getz called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Introductions were made around the room, as 4 new members
joined us.  
Secretary – Sansing McPherson - Minutes of the June 1 meeting were approved as submitted.
Treasurer: Marilyn Lorenz, treasurer pro-tem, reported a balance on hand of $1,955.46.  Dues of $12 for the new year are due
starting tonight.  
Webmaster Jane Hill reminded members of the information on our website at www.iwn-hhi.org.  

Anthology update:
•        The editorial board has almost finished editing all submissions; Jane Hill is almost finished with formatting the book as a .
pdf file, subject to future changes and addition of photos.
•        Final decisions on inclusions will be made soon, and authors will be notified ASAP
•        Sansing McPherson reported that IWN has received a grant from the Arts Council of Beaufort County in the amount of
$850* for the publication and marketing of our anthology.  [* Note: After the meeting a discrepancy was found between the
letter from ACBC and the actual grant contract.  Our grant amount is actually for $818.]
•        Sansing pointed out that we must display the following acknowledgement of our grant on our product and all publicity:  
This project is partially funded through a grant from the Arts Council of Beaufort County with funds from the City of Beaufort
and SC Arts Commission through the NEA.  Additional funding is from the John & Susan Bennett memorial Arts Fund of the
Coastal Community Foundation of SC.
•        Charlie Thorn volunteered to be distribution chair for the new anthology.
•        Sansing suggested that each member take responsibility for a sales outlet and keep track of getting books to them so
that the distribution person does not have to run books everywhere.
•        Jane said that the books can be printed and in our hands by November.  
•        Ideas for a cover design are still being solicited.  Since we got the grant, we can hire David Russell, a graphic artist, to
format our cover.

Marketing and Publicity:
•        Norma Van Amberg reported on a meeting with Mira Scott of Picture This Art Gallery.  Mira is willing to let us participate
in the Jan. 21, 2010 Gallery Hop with a mass book signing. We will pay a portion of the advertising, solicit friends to attend, and
help provide wine and refreshments.
•        Charlie Thorn agreed to contact Jeanette Carlton of Coastal Discovery Museum to see if we can arrange a debut book
signing there this fall, perhaps in the Jarvis Room.
•        Sansing reported that we will get copies of the book to appropriate reviewers at the Island Packet, Hilton Head Monthly,
Pink, Skirt, Bluffton Breeze, Bluffton Sun-Times, and CH2 in time for them to review them for their December holiday shopping
•        Other marketing ideas:
o        List with Amazon.  Jane Hill pointed out that this would cost an annual fee of $29.95, Amazon would not store more than
2 or 3 of our books at a time, would charge us 55% of each sale, and would require us to pay shipping costs to their warehouses.
Thus we would net only a tiny profit per book.
o        Investigate Barnes and Noble.  We have had no success with the HHI B&N in the past.  James Edward Alexander will make
a contact.
o        Hilton Head Arts League – a member pointed out they have said no in the past.
o        Unitarian Universalist writing group in Bluffton – Lorie has a connection.
o        Promote the first anthology in our second anthology
o        Country Club events and gated community events and newsletters
o        Gather additional email addresses through a gift basket at fairs and markets
o        Mailings to members of the Chamber of Commerce.  Bobbi Hahn pointed out that such a mailing would need pre-approval
by the chamber.
o        Greg Smorol offered to make a prominent IWN banner for our use at events.

Open Mike will be held next week, the 3rd Monday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m. at the Heritage Library.  Tom Crawford will

Program Suggestions for the upcoming year:
•        Lorie Getz will try to get Prof. Judy Simpson, a creative writing professor at Queens College, to come speak.
•        Sansing suggested we ask writing departments at USCB and Technical College of the Lowcountry if they have faculty who
could give a program on a first Monday night.
•        Norma and Marilyn suggested we find a marketing expert speak to us.

•        Max Judge’s book, The Bronco Girl, will be debuted at the Denver Bronco’s first home game this Sunday, Sept. 20.  The
Bronco Girl is Max’s daughter, Ann Judge Wegner.
•        Technical College of the Lowcountry will offer several seminars on publishing on Wednesday, Oct. 7, beginning at 1:00 p.
m.  Contact TCL, www.tcl.edu or 843-525-8205, for cost and registration.
•        James Edward Alexander’s estate planning brochure, “If I Should Die Before I Wake, What Happens to my Stuff?” has been
printed and appears to have tremendous market potential with banks and financial planners nationwide.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sansing McPherson
IWN Secretary