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Island Writers' Network
June 6, 2011 -- Minutes
The Island Writers’ Network met Monday, June 6, 2011, at the Heritage Library in the Savannah Bank Building,
852 Wm Hilton Parkway.  Moderator Lorie Getz called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Present were Ken Getz,
Norm Levy, Greg Smorol, Ken ?, Dee Merian, James Edward Alexander, Judy F., Ray Berberian, Domni Newton,
Jane Hill, Peter Schwarzlose, Tom Crawford, Anne Grace, Lorie Getz, and guest Lynne Miller, President of HH
Friends of the Library.

Minutes of the May 2, 2011 meeting were approved, as previously corrected by Secretary Sansing McPherson via
Email.  Anne Grace agreed to take the minutes of tonight’s meeting.

Treasurer’s report: Greg Smorol reported a Beginning Balance of $1363.99.  Deposits: $39.00; Withdrawals:
$9.97.  Ending Balance: $1393.02.

Book Sales/Placement:  Charlie Thorn asked members to check their names on his list of funds paid or owed, # of
books still at vendors, etc.

BRAVO Evaluation:  Members’ feedback:  *Lack of enough brochures at various locations on the Island. *There
was not good feedback from the Arts/Cultural Committee about what to expect. *Hard to do something with
people who are not interested in reading/buying books. *It was a terrible kind of venue ~ no known audience.
*Good quality of speakers. *People like to sell their books. If Library has an audience for something, could we sell
our books then?  *At Library’s Movie time, could authors come and tell who IWN is and what we do? * Were our
books on display informing people of upcoming speakers for BRAVO events?  Lynne said BRAVO was to do ALL
the advertising for these events at the Library.  Friends of the Library know what “sells”; we (FOL) should
advertise ourselves about events to be held there.  Someone asked if there are “Friends” in other SC cities, how
they do their programs, and if successful, what and how can we duplicate?  
*Lynne suggested we try doing this (reading from our books) at a different time of the year, such as late January
to early March; people are too busy in May to attend something not of their liking; IWN is not a well-known group
~ our books are not well-known; Library people support movies/book reviews from known authors; find
interesting persons on HHI to tell about themselves, that would interest people; Library’s program “Living Word”
is popular, where people write their memoires.  Someone suggested we target the 12 HHI book clubs to go and
talk with them. Also we try other venues, like craft shows, Charlotte Book Fair in the Fall, etc.
*A member suggested IWN draft a paper to the Chamber of Commerce about better advertising of events
happening on the Island.  IWN pays the Chamber of Commerce $128.00 per year, and BRAVO cost $25.00 extra
to the Arts & Cultural committee.  It was suggested that IWN drop our membership in the Chamber and/or
BRAVO from our 2012 calendar of events.

2011 Programs/Open Mike:  Good programs and Open Mike well attended.  There will be NO Open Mike June, July
or August.

New Business: *Third Anthology ~ Suggestions were Holidays Theme; Invent a Town/ Building/ Cemetery/
Plantation; Mysteries on/about the Island.  What are the Economics of our next adventure?  Time frame for
preparing it? Fall 2012?
*Other topics discussed: Do we want Speakers for next year?  Subjects: Computers, Marketing, Kindle or Nook,
other E-books, putting our anthologies on E-book.  Jane Hill said Novels are easy to put on E-book, but poems &
photos are not.  Don’t know the cost in public of formatting for E-books.  Jane volunteered to give a program on
how to format a novel. New Technology?  We’re already on the Web and Facebook.
*Domni said her 2 sons work for Marriott on HHI.  She suggested we ask about talking about our books at their
“Meet & Greet” times each week.
*Someone suggested we “Invent the next image of ourselves.”  

Next Business/Program Meeting:  Second Monday, September 12, 2011.  Authors, please bring copies of your
books to donate to the Heritage Library for their Display Shelf of IWN’s work.  We have been asked for many
months to do so, but have not followed through on the Library’s suggestion.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectively Submitted, Anne S. Grace
Acting Secretary for Sansing McPherson