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June 9, 2008 -- Minutes
Getz presided.

Treasurer’s report:  (Marilyn Lorenz absent due to illness.)  Balance on hand, $1,569.52.  Out of this balance we must pay
Catawba Press $979.50 for our 4th printing and ~ $300 in SC sales tax.  Ray Berberian reported on our not-for-profit quest.  He
requested forms from the IRS several weeks ago but they have not arrived.

Lori shared the following information with us:

Donald Maass, literary agent and author of Writing the Breakout Novel.  Attendance is limited to 50 people; CWN members will
have priority.  Non-member registration begins sometime in September.  CWN has a grant to underwrite part of the cost.  
Registration is $65 for CWN members and $75 for non-members, which includes lunch.  Those attending should bring a finished
manuscript for a novel.  More details to follow.

·         The Long Riders Guild Press from England, publisher of equestrian and travel books, is concerned that Amazon, parent
company of BookSurge, is trying to undermine all Print on Demand publishers through buy-outs and locking smaller publishers
out of selling on-line.  For more details go to www.horsetravelbooks.com and click on “News Flash.”

·         Sansing McPherson asked if the Amazon issue might be connected with the “Orphan Works” legislation before congress.  
Anne Grace reported she had written all SC US Senators and Congresspersons and received a reply from Jim DeMint.  DeMint’s
reply stated:  “Individuals may only use the works if they document a good faith search for the copyright owner and must
provide reasonable compensation if the owner is located after use.”  ACBC has supplied a site to educate ourselves on the bill.  
· download the executive summary, a prepared statement of Victor S. Perlman, American Society of Media Photographers, 3/
13/ 2008.

Shelter Cove Marketing Report:  Dee Merian and Ray Berberian staffed a sales table last Tuesday night in front of Gourmet
Gallery.  They offered the following advice for members:

·         Bring the following: folding table, table cover, 2 chairs, water or drinks; 10 books at the table, more in trunk of car just in
case; paper, pencils, strong tape and scissors; poster, book stand, order forms or flyers if available (trying to get some made.)

·         Arrive at Shelter Cove by 6:15 to avoid parking problems.  Crowds build later on.

·         Tell security personnel that you are a vendor; they should allow you to drive to the curb near Neptune ’s statue to
unload heavy things.

·         Check in with Chrystal Johnson, owner, who is at either Life’s a Beach or Gourmet Gallery.

·         Set up your table in front of Gourmet Gallery and set up poster, a book on a book stand, and any other publicity you have.

·         The purchase routine is to tell buyer to go inside Gourmet Gallery to the register, pay for the book ($13.99 plus sales tax
= $14.97) and bring the sales slip back to you to get their book.

·         Fill out sales form provided to record your sales.  GG will give you proceeds that night.  Return to Treasurer Marilyn
Lorenz, 26 Misty Morning Rd.   HH Plantation; or to Secretary Sansing McPherson 28 China Cockle Way, HH Plantation, as soon as

Programs:  Norma VanAmberg suggested a good program topic would be having someone speak to us on how to make writing a
part of your regular routine.  Dee Merian reported that the Palmetto Bay Yacht Club, where we hope to have our December
party, is now charging $100 to groups.  It was suggested that attendees could pay $5 or $10 extra to defray that cost.

Bill Baxter introduced his wife, Dr. Barbara Baxter, principal of Hardeeville Elementary.  A committee consisting of Dr. Baxter,
Sansing McPherson, and Lorie Getz will formulate a proposal for IWN possibly sponsoring a writing project to be overseen by
teachers, possibly to include writers speaking to the students, and with the end product being a published book of students’
writings.  They will present their proposal at the September 8 meeting.

Brian Baxter passed out copies to all attendees of his Irish Blessing brochure, for which he also did the colorful artwork.

Lorie asked what writing schedule the membership would like to see.  Consensus was to begin now on writing for an anthology
to be published within the next 18 months.  No specific theme was agreed upon.

A member asked how one can find out about writing contests.  Writers’ Market and Writers’ Digest publish such information.  
Their websites should have details as well as their publications which can be found at the library.  IWN member Al Chaput also
has lots of leads on contests.  His email is achap54@aol.com.

Publicity:  Ray Berberian had a good-looking 11” x 17” color poster of the anthology cover printed at Staples and then laminated
onto a larger piece of foam board, all for $11.  Sansing will make up small flyers; Norma VanAmberg will write a letter to the
editor tying our anthology and her alligator feature in with the opening of the new Compass Rose Park on Pope Avenue.

Future meetings:

Next Open Mike will be Monday, June 16, at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Library.

Open Mikes for July and August may occur if there is interest and Norm Levy is in town.  

Next regular IWN meeting will be Monday, September 8, 2008, at 7:00 p.m., Heritage Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Submitted by
Sansing McPherson, Secretary