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Island Writers' Network
May 7, 2012 -- Minutes
The Island Writers’ Network met on Monday, May 7, 2012, at the Heritage Library with 22 people present: Ray
Berberian, John Bickers, Bob Bredin, Jeanette Cram, Tom Crawford, Judy Finman, Lorie Getz, Ken Getz, Anne
Grace, Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Peter Schwarzlose, Greg Smorol, Norma
VanAmberg, d.b. wolf, Gene Youtz; and visitors/new members Martha Hughes, Rhonda Mincey, Marilyn Powell,
and Suzie Priegel.

Moderator Tom Crawford called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. and had all present introduce themselves.
Minutes of the April 2 meeting were approved as submitted. Treasurer Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand
of $3, 078.46.

Publishing News: Jeanette Cram announced that her book, Soldiers, Cookies, and the Crumbs is now available
as an e-book on Amazon and is being carried at local stores.

Bluffton Village Festival: d.b. wolf will arrive at our booth before 9:00 to set up table and chairs. Jane Hill,
Jeanette Cram, Anne Grace, d.b. wolf, and IWN will have books for sale and will share the $75 booth fee.  The
following will take shifts at the IWN table: d.b. wolf, 9 – 2; Norma Van Amberg, 10 – 12; Jeanette Cram, 10 –
12; Anne Grace, 12 – 2; Jane Hill, 2 – 4; Sansing McPherson, 2 – 4. Sansing will email details to participants
later this week.  Greg Smorol will furnish change and a cash box. Each participant should have his/her own cash
envelope with change. IWN members will sell other members’ books in their absence. Sansing will take down
tables at the end.

Open Mike – Norm Levy will facilitate on Mon., May 21, 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Library.

Anthology Editorial Board: Lorie Getz gave a brief program on the advantages and necessity of working with
editors. Sansing McPherson, Judy Finman, and Norma Van Amberg had additional comments on the value of
editorial feedback.  Sansing will again email the requirements for final revision submission and names and emails
of the 4 editors.
Final Deadline for revised manuscripts is Monday, June 4.

Anthology cover art: Bob Bredin reported on his visit to the Hilton Head Camera Club, which 60 of its members
attended. He proposed a contest for them to submit photos appropriate to our 3 possible titles: Hilton Head
Island: Dive Right In; Hilton Head Island: If the Shoe Fits; Hilton Head Island: Living the Dream.  Bob reported
50 members indicated interest in participating. Member discussion came to consensus that we limit submissions
to one picture per title, make it clear that others outside the camera club may also be submitting, the Title and
Branding Committee will narrow the choices down to 10 or fewer, and the winning art submitter will get credit in
the book and a free copy of the book. Sansing and Jane will draft the proposal for Bob to present at the club’s
May 29 meeting.

Next meeting is Monday, June 4, at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Library.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by
Sansing McPherson, IWN Secretary