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Island Writers' Network
May 5, 2008 -- Minutes
The Island Writers’ Network of Hilton Head met Monday, May 5, 2008, at the Heritage Library with 14 people present.  Lori
Getz presided.  Visitors were welcomed and invited to join.  Minutes of the April 7 meeting were approved as submitted.  

Treasurer’s report:  (Marilyn Lorenz absent due to illness.)  Balance on hand, $1,569.52.

These things were decided regarding marketing our anthology at Shelter Cove this summer:
        Dee Merian has arranged with Crystal (last name to be furnished), owner of Life’s a Beach (Building E) or Gourmet
Gallery (Building G) at Shelter Cove Harbor for us to staff a table outside one of those stores.  Purchasers pay for the books
inside the store.
        We will get our usual $8.50 per book; the store will keep the rest.
        We will market on Tuesday nights, June 2 through August 25, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
        Dee Merian and Ray Berberian will staff the first night on June 2 to iron out details.
        Sansing McPherson will devise a schedule for the rest of the summer based on member responses and email it to the
        Jane Hill will get a big poster made at Staples or some other reasonably priced printing firm.  Sansing suggested she
check with Catawba Press to see if they offer that service.
        This arrangement is for the IWN anthology, Hilton Head Island: Unpacked and Staying, only.  Members of IWN who wish
to market their own books at Shelter Cove need to contact Crystal themselves to make a sales arrangement.  Crystal has
been cooperative with local writers in the past.

The following additional marketing ideas were discussed:
        Charlie Thorn will check on having the 6 shops of Camp Hilton Head carrying our book.
        Lorie Getz will check on Stephens’ Pharmacy.
        Dee Merian will contact Hilton Head Hospital gift shop to see if they will carry it.
        Sansing McPherson will check into arranging a signing at Hilton Head Public Library.

Ray Berberian reported he has asked the IRS to send him forms so we can pursue applying for 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status.  
The form must be filled out and signed by officers.  We will need by-laws, a purpose clause, nominal officers, and an annual
budget to complete requirements.
Members brainstormed projects for next year, which included:
        Writing another anthology
        Involving high school students in an opportunity to contribute
        Brian Baxter’s wife is principal of the Hardeeville elementary school.  He will have her talk to us about possible
involvement with students at that school.

Program ideas for next year included:
        Dee Merian and Brian Baxter agreed to be part of a program committee.  More volunteers will be recruited.
        Kathryn Wall, former IWN member and author of the Bay Tanner mysteries, will speak at our Nov. 3 meeting on a topic
to be determined.  Suggestions were how she got published and why she chose mysteries.
        Jane Hill can present a program on how she created her own publishing company, Salt Marsh Cottage Books.
        Carol Hall suggested we ask member Rick Hoel to do a program on creating a web page and a blog.
        Sansing McPherson can present on the pros and cons of hiring a professional editor.
        Jane Hill will call the Arts Council of Beaufort County to see if they will send a representative to speak on writing
programs and opportunities through ACBC.
        Brian Baxter can arrange for his wife to give a program on involving Hardeeville elementary in a writing project.
        Dee Merian offered to arrange to have our December party at the Palmetto Bay Marina Yacht Club with a covered dish
format.  Cost of the facility is very reasonable, and we can bring our own food and beverages.

Summer/fall meeting schedules were determined as follows:
        Open Mike on May 19 and June 16; perhaps July and August also if there is demand.
        June meeting will be June 9, delayed from June 2 due to unavailability of officers.  This will also give us a chance to
meet after the first night of sales at Shelter Cove to get feedback on how it went and how we may need to adapt.
        No business meetings for July and August.
        September meeting will be September 8, a week late due to Labor Day on Sept. 1
        Fall meetings will be Oct. 6, Nov. 3, and Dec. 1.

Members shared successes in publishing.  
        James Edward Alexander has great sales for his memoir, Halfway Home from Kinderlou.  
        Dee Merian’s book, Flying High, will be featured in a New York magazine.  
        Jane Hill has received an ACBC grant to attend a Kennedy Foundation training program for the SC Artist-in-Residence.
        Rick Hoel’s essay for the HH Symphony’s Dream of America project won second place.

Lorie Getz shared several marketing strategies for writers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Submitted by
Sansing McPherson, IWN Secretary