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April 2, 2012 -- Minutes
Moderator Tom Crawford called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with 22 people attending: James Edward
Alexander, Ray Berberian, John Bickers, Robert Bredin, Len Camarda, Tom Crawford, Lorie Getz, Ken Getz,
Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill, David Huprich, Max Judge, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Janet Morris, Jim Novak, Peter
Schwarzlose, Greg Smorol, Norma Van Amberg, Mel Witmer, Gene Youtz; and visitor/newly joined member
Denise Spencer.

Minutes of the March 5, 2012 minutes were approved as submitted electronically.  

Treasurer Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand of $2,914.46.

Publishing News: James Edward Alexander has published his second memoir,
Forks in the Road, through Create
Space and is very happy with CS as a publisher.  Jim Novak published his book,
Ora’s Boy, through Create
Space  and is also happy with them. Peter Schwarzlose has finished translating his memoir,
Gulag, into German
and published it. He has sold over 2,000 copies since the original publication.  Jeanette Cram, founder of Treat
the Troops, whose book about her experience as the Cookie Lady was edited by Norma Van Amberg and
formatted by Jane Hill, has just published through Create Space.

Open Mike: Norm Levy reported that 10 people attended the March 19 Open Mike. The next Open Mike will be
Monday, April 16, 7:00 p.m. at the Heritage Library.

Anthology 3 Editorial Board:
Lorie Getz reported that manuscripts have been edited by the 4 editorial board members and are ready for
revision. Sansing McPherson returned manuscripts with the caveat that a request for revision was not a
guarantee of final acceptance. Some pieces were deemed not appropriate for this publication due to thematic or
structural problems. Revision guidelines will be emailed to membership again with title format added.

Committee on Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations: At the March 5 meeting 3 titles were recommended by
the committee: Hilton Head Island: Dive Right In; Hilton Head Island: Living the Dream; and Hilton Head Island:
If the Shoe Fits.  Possible cover photos were displayed.  Consensus was that the right photo might influence
which title was selected, so a non-binding straw vote was taken: Dive Right In = 7, Living the Dream = 10; If
the Shoe Fits = 2.  Bob Bredin, whose wife is a member of the Photography Club, suggest we launch a contest
and invite them to submit photos matching those titles.

Bluffton Village Festival will be Saturday, May 12, from 10 to 4 on Calhoun Street. We could reserve a 10 x 10
space for the non-profit rate of $75. Sansing asked which members would be interested in participating to split
the cost. Jim Novak is. James Edward Alexander might be if he is in town and will take the first shift and set up
tables if he is.  Sansing will send an email to see if absent members such as Anne Grace and potential member
Jeanette Cram would be interested.

Old Business – Lorie Getz asked for an update on where we have placed our anthologies with vendors. We will
check with Charlie Thorn to see what standing inventory is. We need to check with vendors to see if we need to
restock by Heritage Week and the whole month of April with Spring Break visitors.  Norm Levy suggested we
find lists of book clubs to whom members may give programs and pitch books. Lorie suggested a writers’
program some Tuesday at the Share Center.

Next meeting will be Monday, May 7. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sansing McPherson, IWN Secretary