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April 4, 2011 -- Minutes
Monday, April 4, 2011 Minutes

The Island Writers’ Network held its program meeting on Monday, April 4, at the Heritage Library in the Savannah
Bank Building.  Present were members Will Anderson, Ray Berberian, John Bickers, Tom Crawford, Lorie Getz,
Anne Grace, Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill, Max Judge, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Dee Merian, Janet Morris, Peter
Schwarzlose, Greg Smorol, Charlie Thorn; visitors Larry Farrell and Judy Finman.

Moderator Lorie Getz called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  Introductions were made for new people.  Minutes
of the March 4 meeting were approved as submitted electronically.

Treasurer’s Report: Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand of $1,821.84.

Book sales and distribution: Charlie Thorn reported 106 copies of Hilton Headings remaining in inventory.  No
copies remain of our first anthology, Hilton Head Island: Unpacked and Staying.  We need to get another printing
in time for our Bravo events.

Prospective printers:
•        Jane Hill reported she has surveyed over 20 printers.  She displayed copies of various members’ books
printed by Catawba, now out of business, Create Space of Charleston, and America’s Press of Houston, TX.  
•        Members voted to follow Jane’s recommendation, America’s Press, whose printing and binding appear to be
of high quality; and they will use a dual-price system for pages in black-and-white and pages in color.  This is not
an issue for
HHI: Unpacked and Staying, which is all black and white; but Hilton Headings has color pictures in the
center, and we would like to have all our printing with the same place when we need reprints.  
•        As a result of paying $10 to Create Space to print a proof of
HHI: Unpacked and Staying, that book is
now available for on-line sales through Amazon.

Seabrook Book Reading and Signing Event: Tom Crawford has arranged for 8 of our members to read from and
sell their books at the Seabrook’s Open House on Wednesday, April 6, starting at 1:00 p.m.  Members
participating are Bickers, Crawford, Getz, Grace, Hill, Levy, Merian, and Schwarzlose.

Bravo Festival Events: Through the sponsorship of Friends of the Library, IWN will present a total of 6 events at
the HH Public Library during the month-long May arts festival.
•        Wednesday, May 4, 1 to 3 p.m. – Bobbi Hahn, Shanti North, and Norma Van Amberg will read their pieces
from HHI: Unpacked & Staying.
•        Saturday, May 7, 11 to noon - Jane Hill presenting her young adult ghost mysteries
•        Saturday, May 7, 1 to 3 p.m. - James Edward Alexander, Tom Crawford, and Norm Levy reading from their
•        Saturday, May 14, 11 to noon – Marilyn Lorenz - children’s fiction, Great Blue Gert
•        Wednesday, May 18, 1 to 3 p.m. – Anne Grace, Lorie Getz, and Dee Merian reading from their books
•        Saturday, May 21, 1 to 3 p.m. – Writers’ Roundtable – Crawford, Van Amberg, and Getz.

Open Mike: Tom Crawford will facilitate Open Mike on Monday, April 18, at 7:p.m. at the Heritage Library.

Other Business:
•        Dee Merian will read from her book
The Best Years of Flying, at the Cypress on Wednesday, April 13, at 2:
00 pm
•        New member Judy Finman, a career editor, will become our publicity chair to get meeting notices and press
releases into area print media.  Tom Crawford put the notice of tonight’s meeting in the Packet.
•        Sansing McPherson announce that a book, Treat the Troops, that Norma Van Amberg is helping write with
Jeanette Cram, the Cookie Lady, has received 2 prompt positive query responses from agents inviting Jeanette to
send her manuscript for consideration.

Next program meeting, May 2: Member Norm Levy will present Adventures with Social Media – blogs, Tweets, and

Program: Member Sansing McPherson presented a mini-lesson on Writing Dialogue, both the Mechanics and the
Art.  She recommended any member who is unsure about punctuation conventions to read any story with
dialogue in our two anthologies to see proper punctuation for a variety of types of dialogue.  Handout notes are

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sansing McPherson, Secretary