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Island Writers' Network
February 4, 2013 -- Minutes
Island Writers’ Network met on Monday, February 12, 2013, in the Heritage Library with 20 people present:  Will
Anderson, Ray Berberian, John Bickers, Tom Crawford, Sheila Gale, Anne Grace, Dave Huprich, Norm Levy,
Marilyn Lorenz. Cathryn McNamee, Sansing McPherson, Anne-Marie Mooney, Bert Mooney, Janet Morris, Jim
Riggs, Peter Schwarzlose, Greg Smorol, Kent Thune, Gene Youtz, and new member Paul Weiss.

Moderator Tom Crawford called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.  Minutes of the January 7 meeting were
approved as submitted electronically.

Treasurer’s report: Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand at the end of January of $3,530.18.  Income of
$910.50 came from dues and book sales. The only expense was $150 to the HHI Arts and Cultural Committee
(HHIA&CC) for dues.

Publishing news: Sheila Gale reported her second book, Dottie Flowers and the European Caper, will be
published this year.  Cathryn McNamee showed her two latest children’s books,
Who Stole Saturday? and The
Zebra and the Rainbow
, published during this past year.  Dave Huprich has had an article, “Air Facts” published
in a flight magazine.

Moderator’s report: Tom reported that the HHI A&CC now has enough money from dues to pursue 501(c)(3)
status and to have a web page set up in anticipation of Hilton Head Island’s 350/30 Celebration in the fall (350
years since Capt. William Hilton first sighted the island, and 30 years since Hilton Head was incorporated as a

Anthology –The following items were discussed:
•        HHI: Living the Dream has sold so well that we now have 25 copies left of the initial 300.
•        It was moved and passed that we order 300 more copies from CreateSpace.
•        Anne-Marie Mooney reported that Mum’s the Word, a florist/gift shop in Wexford Village will take 12
copies of the anthology for sale.
•        Norm Levy suggested members should give a copy of the book to potential vendors and to realtors,
mortgage brokers, and time-share companies who could use the books as gifts to their clients.  Price was set at
the last meeting for bulk sales is $8.00 a book for orders of 10 or more.
•        John Bickers has sold 50 copies to Charter One Realty at the bulk rate.
•        Proposed event at the Seabrook or Picture This Gallery:
•        Tom Crawford has negotiated a possible book sales event with either the Seabrook or Mira Scott’s
Picture This Gallery for Saturday, Feb. 23.  At the Seabrook, our cost for facility, bar tender, cheese and
crackers would be $375 plus cost of wine consumed.  We would pay for our own newspaper ads. A black-and-
white ad in the Packet for 2 columns by 5 inches is $111.  Mira Scott’s price for use of her art gallery would be
$300 plus cost of food and wine.  She would do the advertising.
•        Ensuing discussion centered on cost vs. return, value in getting IWN’s name before the public, using a
pull rather than a push strategy through advertising in a big way, opportunity to give members an event at
which to sell books, short time in which to plan an event for Feb. 23, and possible value of waiting until tourist
•        After much discussion, the following motion by Greg Smorol passed: That we draw up a budget and
plans for an event to market and brand Island Writers’ Network.

Open Mike will be held Monday, Feb. 18, at 7:00 p.m., facilitated by Norm Levy.

Future Program Ideas:
•        How to format books for publishing by CreateSpace.  Sansing will contact the CS office in Charleston to
see if they have someone who can speak to us.  If they cannot, perhaps IWN members who have used CS can
share their experiences.
•        Craft of Writing

New Business:  
•        Greg Smorol will investigate establishing a Pay Pal credit account so it can be used for publishing orders
so a member does not have to use a personal credit card.
•        Gene Youtz made members aware of The Island Review, an on-line magazine seeking submissions for its
initial issue.   Details at

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sansing McPherson
IWN Secretary