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Island Writers' Network
January 7, 2013 -- Minutes
Call to Order was made at 7:04 by moderator Tom Crawford with 19 people present: James Edward Alexander,
Will Anderson, Ray Berberian, John Bickers, Tom Crawford, Wil Cross (new member), Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill, Max
Judge, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Anne-Marie Mooney, Bert Mooney, Bill Newby, Jim Riggs (new member),
Jim Schulze, Greg Smorol, Kent Thune, Gene Youtz. Introductions were made around the room.

Minutes of the November 5, 2012, meeting were approved as submitted electronically.

Treasurer’s Report:  Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand of $2,769.68 after income from book sales,
payments to Seabrook for open bar at the Christmas party, and payments to CreateSpace for publication of
Hilton Head Island: Living the Dream.

Publishing News: Anne-Marie Mooney shared that she had a short story selected for inclusion in a romance
anthology, I Choose You, published by Oak Tara Publishing.  The book is available on-line at Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, and Target.

Moderator’s Report:  Tom Crawford reported for the Arts and Cultural Commission of Hilton Head Island that
the group is going ahead with web page construction and needs to assess each member organization $150 to
cover start-up expenses and obtaining 501(c)(3) status.  A&CC decided on just one tier for dues, regardless of
size of organization.  Sansing moved and Norm seconded that we pay the dues.  Motion passed.  Tom
explained that the web site will be kept current, and we can list such things as our meetings, Open Mike, and
book signings.  We will also participate in the 350/50 Arts Festival in the fall.

Anthology: Sansing reported that 300 copies of Hilton Head Island: Living the Dream were ordered from
CreateSpace.  Delivery was down to the wire, and we had to order an initial 20 commercially on-line at retail
price to get them here in time to debut at Coastal Discovery Museum on Dec. 7, where 15 books sold and  CDM
asked for 6 more.  Getting the larger order in the crush of holiday shipping was delayed due to a printing glitch
(CS’s fault).  The 280 books arrived in time to distribute to some vendors for the holiday market, but not in
time to run an ad listing those vendors.

The following sites now carry
Dream: Burke’s Pharmacy at Main Street, HHI; Walgreen’s at Palmetto Bay Road,
HHI; Top of the Lighthouse, Harbour Town, HHI; Coastal Discovery Museum, Honey Horn, HHI; Outside Hilton
Head, Shelter Cove, HHI; General Store, Palmetto Dunes, HHI; Chella D, South Island Square, HHI; Picture This
Gallery, Arrow Road, HHI; Booksalicious, 14 Promenade, Bluffton.

Marketing ideas included asking the hospital gift shop and asking real estate agents if they would like to buy
books to give as gifts to homebuyers, with a reduced price of 10 or more books at $8.00 each.  Five members
took one complimentary book to show:  Max Judge, Charter One North; Ray Berberian, Charter One Bluffton;
Bobbi Hahn, The William Hilton Company; Tom Crawford, Keller Williams; and John Bicker, a company to be

Jane Hill reported that we have paid for the expanded distribution program on CreateSpace for the first
Hilton Head Island: Unpacked and Staying, so it is handled by book distributor Ingram’s and thus is
eligible for sale at agreeable Barnes and Noble stores.  We will arrange for the same deal for

Open Mike will be facilitated by Norm Levy on Monday, January 21, at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Library.

Future Program ideas: Tom proposed a late February signing and cocktail party at Picture This Gallery.  He has
already talked to Mira Scott about hosting it.  A color ad 2 columns by 5” in size would cost $350 and could list
any IWN members who wished to sell and sign their own books.  Those members would pay a share of the ad
cost.  Tom will bring a proposal to the February meeting.

Recap of December Party – All who attended agreed the Seabrook venue was very enjoyable and comfortable,
parking was easy, catered food was very good, $10 pp price was reasonable, open bar was convenient.  
Treasurer Greg Smorol requested that payment in advance occur next time, as he stayed very busy taking
money that night and didn’t get to mix and mingle.  Sansing pointed out that the cost of the bar, which IWN
paid, was greater than we’ve spent in the past buying our own beverages, but much more convenient.

Book Distribution: Tom reported that 150 of our 300 books have already been purchased or placed with
vendors, and more were distributed to the members at the meeting.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Sansing McPherson,

IWN Secretary