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Island Writers' Network
January 9, 2012 -- Minutes

The Island Writers’ Network met on Monday, January 9, 2012, in the Heritage Library.  Moderator Tom Crawford
called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Twenty people were present: James Edward Alexander, Will Anderson,
Ray Berberian, John Bickers, Art Cornell, Tom Crawford, Judy Finman, Sheila Gale, Anne Grace, Bobbi Hahn,
Jane Hill, Susan Lee, Sansing McPherson, Janet Morris Jim Novak, Peter Schwarzlose, Greg Smorol; and guests
Sabreena Schneider, Jim Schulze, and Gene Youtz.

Introductions and Publishing News: Those present introduced themselves. The following publishing news was
shared.  Jim Novak has just published his memoir, Ora’s Boy.  Sheila Gale had copies of her book, Dottie
Flowers and the Skinner Gang, published by Crystal Dreams Publishing of Ontario, Canada. A publication has
been set for her second book in the series, and she is working on the third book. Anne Grace had an entry
published in Celebrating Christmas with Memories, Poetry, and Good Food.

Minutes of the November 7, 2011, meeting were approved as submitted electronically.
Treasurer Greg Smorol reported a balance of $2,842.77. Of note was a deposit in December for 10 copies of
Hilton Head Island: Unpacked & Staying, sold on-line through Amazon, our first on-line sales.

Arts and Cultural Committee: Tom reported that the group has drafted a mission statement and thinks of itself
as a trade association. Sansing McPherson circulated a copy of the USAir December magazine featuring Hilton
Head, in which the A&CC has an ad listing 22 A&CC members, including IWN, with contact information.

Open Mike will occur Monday, January 16, at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Library.

Memorials: Sansing suggested IWN send a memorial in honor of Dee Merian to a charity that her husband John
suggests.  Membership voted to send $25. Consensus was to handle each instance on a case-by-case basis in
the future.

Anthology 3: Much discussion centered on a title and art or photographs for the cover. Sansing will send a
composite list of all title suggestions thus far. Members are asked to seek photos, their own or friends’, as
possible cover art. Opinions were split as to whether we need the photo first or the title first.  Consensus
agreed that the visual is most crucial. It was moved and passed that we table the decision until the Feb. 6
meeting.  Susan Lee suggested we make an audio book of our anthologies. Judy Finman emphasized editors’
preference for Word.doc submissions.  Jane Hill told us that anyone can download Open Office for free by going
to Openoffice.org.  It will have Word on it. Jane said we absolutely cannot accept .docx files because they will
not translate to Kindle format if we put the anthology on Kindle.  She also said all photos must be at least 3000

Meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted,
Sansing McPherson, IWN Secretary