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January 12, 2009 -- Minutes
meeting with personal introductions.  The following people were present:  James Edward Alexander, Will anderson,  Art Cornell,
Sheila Gale, Lorie Getz, Ken Getz, Anne Grace, Bobbi Hahn, Jane Hill, Max Judge, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Dee Merian,
November 3, 2008, minutes were accepted as submitted electronically by Secretary Sansing McPherson.  In the absence of
treasurer Marilyn Lorenz, Sansing reported a balance on hand of over $1,400 and apologized that the report Marilyn drew up had
been left at home.

Sheila Gale announced that she has a publisher for her mystery book,
Dottie Flowers and the Skinner Gang – Multi Media Press
of Canada.  Exact release date tbd.

The membership spent some time considering whether to do another anthology in 2009.  Consensus was strongly positive.  The
following comments were made:

Will Anderson :  IWN was a dying organization until we began the anthology.  Doing another one would reinvigorate the

Norm Levy:  What did we learn from the first anthology?  Members are eager to write and submit; we have been financially
successful; every contributor had the experience of the total process from conception through publication and marketing.  He
gave our marketing effort a C minus.

Jane Hill (our technical coordinator):  She estimated she spent around 110 hours on formatting mainly due to not having enough
up-front specifications on format and program.  She will not have the time to do that again.  She says we can still publish through
Catawba Press by dealing with the owner since our liaison, Alan Davis, has left. Catawba is able to do color photos of 4, 8, or 12
pages as a single center insert.

Sansing McPherson:  Publishing our anthology mirrored most writers’ experiences.  You think getting the book finished is the hard
part until you try to find a publisher, which seems impossible.  When you finally do get published, you realize marketing the book
is really the hardest part of all.  We probably have 350 or more unsold copies of our anthology out of a total 1,000 printed.  Yet
we still made money.  For the next anthology we may be able to apply for a grant from ACBC if the timing can be predicted.  
Several members, Marilyn Lorenz, Dee Merian, and Jane Hill, have gotten ACBC grants.

Shanti North:  Marketing has been the stopper for us.  We could have sold more books if we had been able to sell through
Barnes and Noble.  Other members responded that it would require big money to be carried by a distributor such as Ingram or
Bowker’s, and B&N takes such a high percentage that our profit would be close to nothing.

Art Cornell:  Do we want to play in a big pond (such as Barnes and Noble) or a small pond?  He likes the small pond.

Joseph Lawski:  He is willing to ask every venue where he performs if they will carry our anthology.

James Edward Alexander suggested that book festivals are a good marketing venue for the IWN anthology and other members’

Jane Hill:  We could broaden our market area by inviting writers from Savannah to Beaufort to submit and be subject to editorial

James Edward Alexander:  He did not submit to our first anthology because its theme was restricted to Hilton Head and he was
too recent a resident to know HHI.

Max Judge:  Each of us has come from somewhere else and could write about our own region of the US .

Sheila Gale:  We need a common, unifying theme.

Ken Getz:  We could use the theme of pirates or a pirate ship and treasure.

Dee Merian:  We need to specify at the start the maximum length of a submission.

Lorie Getz:  We had a limit of 2,500 to 3,000 words for the first anthology.

Jane Hill:  If we publish through Catawba again, we need the following:

·      Set deadlines and stick to them

·      Have only one central collection person and computer

·      Accept only electronic submissions as attachments in Word .doc files.

At meeting’s end, no official decision had been made; but consensus is that we all want to proceed with another anthology.  
Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Sansing McPherson, Secretary