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October 1, 2012 -- Minutes
IWN met at 7:00 p.m. on Mon., Oct. 1, at the Heritage Library with 19 people present: Will Anderson, Ray
Hahn, Norm Levy, Sansing McPherson, Anne-Marie Mooney, Bert Mooney, Janet Morris, Greg Smorol, Kent
Thune, Mel Witmer; guest Dan Daniels.

Minutes: Minutes of the Sept. 10 meeting were approved as submitted electronically.  
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Greg Smorol reported a balance on hand at the end of September of $3,027.09.  
Dues from 21 more people were handed to Greg tonight.

Publishing News:
•        Ray Berberian told his experience with CreateSpace in publishing The Remainder Man. CS put it on
Amazon as soon as the first proof was printed. Ray’s one frustration was having it taken down from the site
and labeled “no longer available” while CS corrected the proof. He asked them to label it “temporarily
unavailable.” Overall, his experience was good.
•        Mel Witmer used Xylon Press of Indiana to publish the history of a 125-year-old church. He self-edited
grammar and punctuation and said it was very tedious. He recommends hiring someone if you could afford it.
Xylon allows 100 minor changes to the first proof at no extra charge. Basic package, no editing, is $799.
•        Tom Crawford used CreateSpace to publish his book set in the Balkans in an internment camp, Goli Otok.
His wife Phyllis formatted it for him (CreateSpace will do that for a fee), and it nearly drove her crazy.  As an e-
book he will get 60% profit on sales.

Arts and Cultural Committee:
•        Tom reported that the A&CC voted to have annual dues, amount to be determined, perhaps based on
budget of organization.
•        At an prior meeting A&CC discussed holding an arts and cultural fair of about 10 days’ duration in Fall
2013. IWN, as a member, could participate.  Six members indicated they’d like to participate, and more
participation from some absentees is realistic.

Anthology 3:
•        Title and art – Sansing displayed mock-ups of 6 covers illustrating 2 titles: Hilton Head Island: Dive Right
In and HHI: Living the Dream. After discussion and input from all, HHI: Living the Dream won, illustrated by a
photo of a woman in a long colorful skirt in a tidal pool by marsh grass.  The photo is by local photographer,
Jean-Marie Cote, who will make it electronically available at high resolution. We will check on whether there is a
•        Bios –Any contributor who has not yet sent in a short (75-100 words) bio to the editors should do so
•        Distribution – Tom Crawford, assisted by John Bickers, will receive shipment and be in charge of
distribution since both are distributing books to various vendors anyway.
•        Launch events –
*     Sansing is talking with Jennifer Stupica of Coastal Discovery Museum about participating in CDM’s
Lowcountry Craft Market Dec. 8 if they decide to do it. Jennifer is new on the job, replacing Jeanette Carlton,
who retired.
*     Bickers and Crawford will look into a launch event at the Seabrook; Getz and Getz will investigate Indigo
Pines; Marilyn Lorenz will be asked to investigate the Cypress since she lives there.  As yet no one volunteered
for Tide Pointe.
*     Bobbi Hahn will check with HH Monthly and CH2 for their December deadlines to we can hopefully get free
publicity there via holiday shopping ideas.
*     The Gallery Hop we participated in 3 years ago cost us $300 in expenses and yielded $177 in sales. We will
think long and hard before doing that again.

Open Mike will be Monday, October 15, at 7:00 p.m. with Norm Levy facilitating. Since Sansing will be away the
rest of the month, she will not be able to send a reminder.

Program Suggestions: Sansing will contact CJ Lyons to see if she will do a program in self-marketing for e-
books.  CJ, a retired emergency room pediatrician and now a HHI resident, is a NYT best selling author of
“thrillers with heart” who has sold over a million copies of e-books in one year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by
Sansing McPherson
IWN Secretary